12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

There should never be a time to have any Nutella leftover never mind me writing 12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella but here we are. In all fairness it’s nice to do something different than eating spoonfuls from the jar right? So here we have it. A few things pop to mind (what a surprise) when I am challenged to this type of food storming. Nutella Toasties, Nutella Brownies, Nutella Pancakes, Nutella & Banana Loaf, Nutella Cookies, Nutella Milkshake & Nutella Doughnuts. Let the post commence…

1. Nutella Toastie

I have toasties on the flipping brain, I tell ya. I was partial to a toastie back in the day when I was a nipper. A big, bad, bean toastie oozing with molten cheese, the type where you burn your mouth but you can’t say any thing because your Mam already told you would burn it. That type of ouch that has your mouth ruined for days. Here in Middlesbrough, there is a special place that makes the ultimate toastie. Off The Ground make a naughty sweet toastie that is filled with Marshmallow and Chocolate and I think it is the nearest thing to heaven you can imagine.

But you can make your own.

Butter some bread, pop one slice in the toastie machine and layer it up with Marshmallow, a dollop of Nutella (add in a little bit of banana if ya feeling fancy), and another layer of Marshmallow then add the top on and squidge it down.

Drizzle with a bit of salted caramel and extra Nutella and Bobs ya Uncle, Nutellas ya Aunt.

2. Nutella Doughnuts

Dough-Nut-Ella. Hell yeah! You can find my Doughnut recipe here then all you need to do is fill up a long nozzled piping bag and inject that bad boy with the sweet, sweet hazelnut nectar.

3. Nutella Pancakes

Simple yet very freaking effective. You can drizzle over crispy pancakes or mix up in the mixture for some double chocolate pancake action. I love a squeeze of lime on mine and an extra driz of the naughty stuff.

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

4. Nutella Brownies

Now we can’t be going full steam ahead without some good old Brownies, can we? You can find my quite old Brownie recipe here and drop in some blobs of Nutella and Raspberries. Bake up and chop up for your ultimate Nutella fix. Or if you realise there isn’t any Nutella in the cupboard give Chateau Bleu Brownie Bakery a shout. This Kinder Brownie Stack* hit the spot when I was out of the nutty stuff.

5. Nutella Cookies

Grab any cookie recipe and pop in a ball of frozen Nutella. Roll, squash, and bake. I am still yet to find THE Cookie recipe but I hear this one is prettyyyyyy good! Thick & Gooey Cookies by The Anna Edit.

6. Nutella Martini

It’s time to get boozy. I mean, I practically drink the stuff anyway so I may as well mix it with a bit of booze so that I can go to Nutella hell in style. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella

7. Nutellanut Gluten Free Bites

These gluten-free delights are based on a good old Good Food recipe with an adaptation of Nutella, obvs. I also swapped out the gluten ridden Flour for Coconut Flour so that I could share these socially distanced with some family & friends.

8. Nutella Cupcakes

Let’s go out with a typical me bang. Grab your foolproof basic sponge recipe. Add a couple of dollops of Nutella then get adventurous with your toppings. I have been loving the old school butterfly cakes recently. Cut the top off and scoop out some of the inner sponge and pop it in a bowl. Mix that sponge with some butter frosting and an extra scoop of Nutella and pipe back in. Put the butterflies wings on top and drizzle with icing sugar and you guessed it, more melted Nutella.

Think that’s enough for you?  I mean I have more. 9. Nutella Hot Chocolate, 10. Nutella & Banana Loaf, 11. Nutella Milkshake, and maybe even a 12. Nutella Mocha if you are feeling flirty.

I hope this 12 Ways To Use Up A Jar Of Nutella has filled you with plenty of inspiration for what to do with your leftover Nutes…. Don’t forget to tag me in your bakes over on the IG @theteessider.



  1. June 9, 2020 / 12:20 pm

    Thank you so much for the Nutella recipe selection. I’ll post pics when I’ve attempted some. I say attempt because I am certainly not a baker 😜. Xx

  2. teabee
    June 11, 2020 / 5:47 pm

    Awww yes please do!! So many in there. The Nutellanut Bites are sooooo tasty! Not much work goes into them. A little stir here and there 🙂

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