24 Hours in Santorini

24 Hours in Santorini

24 Hours in Santorini

24 Hours in Santorini

Santorini is famous for it’s dramatic views and stunning sunsets, and let me tell you, if you can snag a decent flight then 100% go. I flew into Santorini and stayed for one night before I shot off to the island of Ios. I holidayed into the unknown and because I like to treat you, I have whipped up the ultimate mini guide of how to spend a 24 hours in Santorini.

Day 1

3pm – Let the Greek heat hit your face as you toddle over to the bus stand directly outside of the airport. You can jump on a bus to Fira for 1.80€. Fira is a central point for you to connect to other parts of the island via bus.

3.30pm – Drop your bags. I stayed at this beautiful brand new family ran Cave Villa owned by the lovely Alex and his Mama in the village of Karterados, a quick 30mins walk from Fira.

4pm – After walking back into Fira, taking in the delightful Santorini sights on the way, jump aboard a bus to Oia for 1.80€. Within half an hour, you will be in the insta famous rooftops of your dreams. Watch the sunset and grab a beer or two. I have to warn you though, thousands of people flock here in peak summer, so if you’re not one for crowds or fancy it a little more chilled, then you’re are best watching the sunset in Fira.

9pm – Head back to Fira for a late dinner of take away Gyros for as low as 3€, or you can hit up a cliff view restaurant and spend a a tad more on something fancier. One thing I love about these Greek islands is that you can spend as little or as much as you want. You just need to be savvy and weigh up what you fancy. May it be a can of beer and a Gyros sunset for 5€ or a waited on three courser with Greek wine and cliff view for 50€. It’s up to you! When in Greece.

11pm – I would recommend staying in the village if Karterados if you want a bit of local living. Walking from Fira, you can pop into one of the roadside bars for a nightcap. If you fancy something sweet, there is a 24 hour, traditional bakery on the way.

Day 2

7am – Wake up and shimmy up to Fira for some tasty pancakes for brekkie at Diverso Cafe as we are heading to the beach, beach!!

9am – Jump aboard one of those trusty 1.80€ buses from Fira Bus Station to Kamari Beach. Sit back and enjoy the short journey.

9.30am – Spend your morning relaxing at the beautiful beach. Lunch, brunch, do what you wish and soak up the Greek sunshine.

1pm – Time to head back to grab your bags and head for the ferry port. There is a 4.40pm ferry over to the sweet, sweet, island of Ios. Getting to the ferry port can be a bit of chew on, as the timetables can be a little lax, to say the least. You need to be at the ferry port at least 45 mins before departure. So make sure you have plenty of time. You can get to Athinios port one of two ways.

2.30pm –  You can jump aboard one of the 1.80€ buses that can take approx 85 mins from Fira Bus Station to Athinios port. I can’t tell you first hand about this journey as I was on a bit of deadline to get my crossing, but if I had time I would have definitely tried this cheaper option.


3.30pm – You can pre book a taxi from Fira that can cost up to 35€, but will get you to Athinios port in perfect time for your crossing.

The port is a touch crazy to say the least. The hustle and bustle can be a little intense as people, cars and supplies are all taken aboard the various ferries heading to Ios, so be prepared for a shed load of organised chaos.

And there you have it, a quick 24 hours in Santorini all planned out for you. You get to see the sunset in Oia, have dinner in Fira, experience village life and have a paddle at Karami beach. I managed to snaffle flights from Manchester to Santorini in August for £222. Santorini is a must and I would 100% visit again and do a Santorini road trip. Who’s in?


24 Hours In Santorini




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