Now let’s get this wedding show on the road. I have just got back from the most special place in the world which is where I shall be wed in October, Lagos. Portugal has this crazy hold over me and I just don’t know why. This post is a sort of diary of my planning last week and how I attempt to plan a stress free wedding abroad.

Monday 23rd May 2016

I am sat here with day one under my belt, a cocktail in one hand and a tube of paprika Pringles in the other.

We landed safe and sound at 11.30am. I am a extremely nervous flier but this was the best flight that I have ever been on in terms of not panicking like a maniac. I did try to block out all of the pre flight jitters I usually get by not talking about travelling too much which I do think helped. I think my fear of flying and the years and years of torment I have put myself through should be well rid by now but it isn’t.

Lets get back to planning this wedding malarkey.

The Mr has not been feeling too good up to the day of travel so it was a 50/50 if we were to come out or not. I mean we really have a hell of a lot to get sorted over here but it could wait for a few weeks or two if his poorly tummy didn’t subside. It was all booked and non refundable and all that so I was the most tendering wife-to-be you could possibly imagine. I was a successful nurse and a miracle curer and before we knew it we were on our way.

The original venue we decided upon, Taberna de Lagos closed down in October and the future of this place is unknown. Emails we sent on a one way ticket or so it seemed. We have since learnt that this little place had been taken over by 4 new owners and is being heavily renovated. This beautiful 400 year old building that survived a monsoon would unfortunately not be the one to host as our venue.

I scoured and scoured for hours to try and find something that would hold all of our guests and really make this day something special. I am not the most pickiest person in the world or a bridezilla for that matter but I just want this day to be perfect for everyone.

Well let me tell you…

I only blooming found somewhere online a few weeks back and it was super new. This place is quite seasonal and shuts down in September/October time so we had to find somewhere that would be open throughout this time of the year. After ogling it over on Instagram, I knew this was a contender for sure.

I felt like I needed to see this place for myself as soon as I stepped off the plane. Off I tottled to town and left the Mr to get some rest. I loved the decor, the layout, the menu and the staff were super sweet. It looked just great but would it would it fit my 40 guests? Would it even be open? So there I was finishing off a book that had only taken me a year to finish soaking up the last of the Portuguese sun outside my possible new venue.

What I think I may struggle with is getting my personality across to someone who doesn’t really know me. I want this wedding to be a no pressure, chilled out affair. Plenty of food and drink and my nearest and dearest having a good time. As Dan was not with me we decided that we would go for lunch the following day to scope the place out again.

I did walk past Taberna de Lagos on my way for pizza at the best stone baked pizza in the land on my way back to the hotel. The first floor windows were open and I thought for a second everything would great and they would be open in no time. This was before we knew of the outcome of the place and you know what, things happen for a reason. It is just a shame this place holds some amazing memories for us as we would come here before and after dinner for a cocktail or two. I am excited to be planning this somewhere new and somewhere that I feel is just perfect. I could be getting married in a zoo and I would be happy.

What a ramble for a post hey!! To finish this up, I am currently sat in bed eating pizza, chocolate and  a beer in hand and listening to the sea. I can’t wait to wake up and eat my body weight in pastries tomorrow, bring on Day 2.

Love Carli x

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  1. May 31, 2016 / 8:25 am

    Came to your tea shop yesterday for a quiet few minutes to myself! I was at first very apprehensive as I've never really sat on my own in their before, and was scared what people would think of me or if I would get strange looks. But thankfully, yourself and your tea ladies were very lovely and didn't bat an eye lid. So thank you. I'll most certainly be back for more delicious tea and cake before you know it!


    • June 4, 2016 / 9:15 pm

      Hi Suzie, this is so sweet!! We always love to make everyone welcome especially if you are on your own. I lived in London for a while and used to visit so many places and feel exactly the same. When I came home and opened up the tea house this was at the top of my list of how I wanted it to feel. This has really made my week and I have told all the ladies and hoe to see you again soon. Make sure you say hi so I know who you are 🙂 x

    • June 4, 2016 / 9:16 pm

      Hi Charlotte, thank you so much. I have linked you over on my post on my blog 🙂 x

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