So here I am, sat, letting the smoggy sunny Boro rays enter my heart on the the second sunniest day in March has had to offer and I am having a blooming blast. Ignore the gale force winds that come with this and the fact that it keeps raining since I have typed up this post but you get where I am coming from.

There is something about this weather, the sunny part, that makes me feel a million dollars. Even if I do host the nickname ‘Casper’ and I am practically transparent like a little jellyfish but I guess, it is what it is.

I want to fill you in on my weekend last week. Let’s set the scene. The sun is belting through the windows and shining on my face. I have my feet up and I am squinting at my computer screen to try and find accommodation for my Tuscany adventure in June.

Today I am working at my new bar venture Hit The Bar, 1 Bridge Street East, Middlesbrough, TS1 1AE.

I am watching my favourite Teesside band Cattle & Cane record a live session of their new (and my favourite) track ‘Saviour’ ahead of the release of their brand new album ‘Mirrors’ on 28th April. I am one lucky girl to call this my office for the day.

Hugs and hello’s all round with this bunch and we are off chatting about where we want to go on our adventures and how much coconut milk we like in our tea. I am so into coconut milk right now. Especially in tea, it is the perfect combination.

The Sleeping BrewTea was dished out for breakfast and bottles were dotted around the place like some sort of product placement video but what the heck , these guy’s haven’t had the chance to sample this Raspberry and Rose Petal Green Tea Ale I have collaborated on with Cameron’s Brewery as of yet. So popping of bottle tops aplenty.

One thing I blooming love about the band is that they are super proud of where they come from and this passion shines through in their music. They are proud Boro fans and are funny as heck, so I was winning at #friendsgoals this weekend.

As they got to work I dished out the treats and got away tapping on my keyboard browsing some summer holidays and snaffling a bag of Maui & Sons Dark Chocolate coated Banana Chips. Which are totally delightful, vegan and gluten free which makes me want to bake, bake, bake my life away with such treats. There was no sharing these bad boys and I have to admit I ate the lot. Joe looked extremely disappointed when I showed him the empty bag. I’m afraid I now have a new food obsession.

I love food in general and Degustabox* is the new kid in town bringing excitement back into my life. Stop being emotional Carli! But it’s true, this box is full of surprises, good surprises, not crazy ass one such as “Oh no, I spent every last penny in my bank account buying jars of Nutella’ type of surprise.

The thing that sets this box apart from any other monthly subscription box is that all of the products that come through my door are brand spanking new to the market. Let me tell you I have had some right treats the past few months and March has been the best one yet.

One of my favourites is the Aspire Mango Lemonade, followed closely with the Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks. Green Peas with a Chilli & Coconut flavour were devoured very quickly at this acoustic session.

My Degustabox took centre stage with the whole of Cattle & Cane getting stuck into these treats and asking about where they can grab one up for themselves.

Even the videographer snapped up a bottle of Coldpress Fruity Greens Juice to help him on his film shooting way.

Willy Chase’s Fitcorn was a dream. The Salted Honey was pretty tasty, but for me, I like the sound of the Smoky Bloody Mary.

Chief hand clapper Fran was a huge fan of the Popchips Ridges in Crazy Hot.

I blooming love receiving my monthly Degustabox as it is full of utter treats that I would never have picked up before.

I like trying new things and this box is right up my street. You get a recipe card in each box too so if you like a challenge like me you can whip up something tasty with what you have in your box. Utter genius.

I am totally feeling these light spring days that will soon turn into lighter nights. I can’t wait till the clocks go forward and I feel brilliant again. Nothing beats a swifty after work and you still feel like you have your evenings to yourself. I mean, I do love hibernation season but it feels like it has been constant for the past 7 months.

Before I go, make sure you take a sneak peek at Cattle & Cane’s new live session ‘Saviour‘ by clicking the link. Go give them a follow on their good old social channels, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Love Carli x

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