There was a time when I got my braces on in March that I never thought I would eat pizza again, well, for the next 6 months till these blasted little train tracks were taken off.

I really had a bad ass going of it to be honest at the start which resulted in a Facebook status, oh yes, I needed sympathy and plenty of it. I took to good old Facey B voicing my concerns while munching down on a salted caramel rice pudding which is so not like me. I did receive some tips which I am ever so grateful for, so a huge thank you to all that made me feel that little bit better.

These days I get the occasional ouch day but all in all I can eat pizza now so winner winner pizza dinner.

A few weekends back I was lucky enough to be asked, for the third time, little old me, to be Sunday Brunch’s Tea Expert and to whip up a few iced teas for the likes of Tim & Simon, Bryan freaking Adams, Roisin Conaty and Arg from The Only Way Is Essex. Go take a peek at my iced teas over on Channel 4 and let me know what you think. While I was down in the big smoke with my main gal pal and blogging babe Megan we thought it would be rude not to try out some tasty places that have been on our ‘must eat’ list for some time. So once we dropped our bags at our Air bnb we were flagging a hackney before you knew it and heading south to Battersea to try out The Englishman’s Italian at Bunga Bunga.

You really can’t miss this place with the exterior all painted green, red and white, like right the way up and around the whole building! 

We were greeted with smiles from ear to ear. I love a good bit of service, it is super important to me running my own place and this was unfaultable, if that is even a word. We were shown to our seats while picking up our jaws from the floor as we took in the amazing decor of a place. These guys have totally nailed the most Instagramable place a girl could wish for. It is a bloggers dream with handbags hanging from the ceiling as lights, the odd moped dangling above you head to grapes, pictures and bikes just chilling in the air.

This place isn’t for the faint hearted let me tell you. Perfect for groups or a sweet little table for two, they got you covered.

Thomas our waiter went over the menu with us as we could  not just not decide what we fancied. With his help we opted for the tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil bruschetta which as you can see was the ultimate dream. I like a little bit of everything, known as ‘picky bits’ so this was ideal. That mozzarella was utter melt in the mouth and is the best I have ever eaten, ate or squandered.

We washed this down with some firm favourites, an Amaretto Sour for Megs and a Caiprihinia for mwa. During this cocktail we were introduced to the hourly Bunga Bunga celebrations where all staff take to the tables, bar, chairs and whatever else they can land their feet on and do a little Bunga Bunga Dance. Give it a google, words can not explain this and words will not explain and give it the credit that it needs!

Before you knew it, it was pizza time. Just take one second to take in the size of this beast. Ruby Loves for Megan and Bambino de Diego for myself. It was the perfect combination of spicy sausage and creamy carbonara you could only dream of. The potato lovers that we are, we shared a portion of polenta chips with parmaigiano. It took me a few days to break it to Megan that polenta isn’t potato but she loved them none the less. Result!

With authentic Italian cocktails having their own menu we thought it would be rude not to try one. I went for a tea infused cocktail that was a right show stopper. Anything with an added extra is super cool, obviously I do not get out much. The Abruzzo was the one for me, gin, punch, lemon and black tea, delish!  It was brought over with ultimate service with a smile before I popped the lid off the little jar poured it over my ice and sipped this down.

We had plans that evening so we had to skip dessert, please, don’t as I’m still not cool with missing pudding but it really did set us up for a evening. We were full to the brim and ready for an evening of The Last Leg wrap party and far to much champagne. I will never learn. When in London though darlings!

This truly authentic Englishman’s Italian is a must try. Go search your little socks off and find all of the visuals for Bunga Bunga. You will not be disappointed, you will want to eat all of the pizza, I can guarantee that my friends.

I can’t wait for another London trip to try out some of the Inception Groups other venues as I have a habit of ticking them off my list now. Mr Foggs, Cahoots and Bunga Bunga have a special place in my heart and tummy and I must conquer them all. Come at my Beaver Lodge and Cocobananas!

Have a sweet pepperoni pizza day all and tell me where I need to grab pizza next!

Love Carli x

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*I was a lucky Englishlady’s Italian for this post but my love of pizza, cocktails and that Bunga Bunga dance are my own.



  1. August 3, 2016 / 2:49 pm

    Lovely post! All of your pictures are gorgeous. Bunga Bunga is such a fun space – glad you enjoyed!

    • August 3, 2016 / 5:24 pm

      Thank you ever so much Colleen. How can they not be so amazing when you have the most Instagramable place ever to dine in. With the most amazing service too!! x x

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