As I said last week in The Truth #4 I am back to my regular blogging self. I feel like I have a million zillion posts that I am super excited to post. I am loving this sunny ass weather as it is getting me right in the mood for my holiday in Italy at the end of the month, where I may quite possibly melt.

There has been so many things I have wanted to do this year, learn how to play drums, go on a long haul flight, learn how to surf and have adventures. We are a good 6 months in and I have not managed to do any of these things apart from have adventure.

Last month I had just got back from a 2 week tour with Teesside’s finest band Cattle & Cane. You can read a little more about those legends here. I have literally had the best time of my life with these guys.

I somehow accidentally managed to grab a stint as Tour Manager for their U.K Spring Tour. I got to visit some of my favourite cities such as Leeds, Manchester, London and some brand new corkers too such as Bristol, Liverpool and Cardiff.

This opportunity came along just a few weeks before while I was in a bit of a scatty head space not knowing what I wanted from life. All I knew was that I needed to do something different, so this was the perfect opportunity. I was nervous for a quite a few reasons, driving a band and team of 7 all around the UK and not killing them was one. Leaving my beloved Tea House with my control issues was never going to be easy as if I am not within a 10 mile radius of those cakes I do actually explode. Oh, there was another one and it was the fact that I have never ever done anything like this before. How hard could it be right?  I am not completely clueless in this industry as I have worked within live music for knocking on 12 years so yeah, I kind of, sort of had this passion all ready running through my veins.

So where up first I hear you ask? Liverpool. Home of The Beatles and my much loved icon, god rest her soul, Miss Cilla Black.

We were really lucky to be sponsored by Vauxhall for this tour so a HUGE thank you is in order for  trusting me with those beautiful wheels. I was able to drive this Morrison’s Breakfast loving tribe around with no complaints and with me only forgetting to not put the handbrake on once. Talk about nailing it.

So off we trotted on a 14 date tour from here to Timbucktoo kicking it off in Liverpool at Buyers Club.


I was so excited for the first date as it was in Liverpool and I have never been here and always wanted to visit. Speaking of dates. I kinda had a ‘date’ planned. I say this loosely, as I do not know how to really date or what a date should consist of so if anybody wants to attempt to date me you may need to let me know ‘it’s a date’.

This fella was a brother of friend who I briefly handed over my season ticket once to use, and that was it so not only was I meeting up with someone who I have never really met. I have never actually dated in around 11 years so, yup, I was pretty much doomed.

I never once thought that bad timings on both parts would turn this date into a 13 people tour party date. All sitting down to dinner and then being met by more friends just to bulk up the ever growing numbers. Am I into group dating? I guess I am now. The band agreed he did cut the mustard and we would all go on a second date with this him if he ever wanted one. Table for 13 please!

To top off Day 1 after a 3 hour drive home I had somehow managed to drop my car key from my little dungaree pouch in this venue. I called them up after a whole night of panic, low and behold it was left on the ‘date’ table. I do not know anyone in Liverpool apart from the group dater so it was a quick text to him to see if he could swiftly post up my car key which he did. God bless his soul. I so owe this guy pints, so if you are reading this, I haven’t forgotten! I owe you one!

This was a super place to kick start tour. A sort of industrial barn like vibe going on with twinkly lights and paper lanterns. The sourdough bread that is made downstairs made up for the dressing room being a stairwell but I guess you can’t have it all. I could eat that carby goodness for days let me tell you.

I could ramble on about tour till the cows come home, seriously. I will let you go for now but do stay posted for more tour adventures and check out some of the amazing places we got to visit and how many belongings we lost as a group on this little blog of mine.

You can check out some more of Cattle & Cane’s Crazy Tour Stories over on Digital Tour Bus with Helen letting you in on a few secrets.

Peace out all.

Love Carli x

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