Chilli Cake Deli – Take It Away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

I am alive! Not that you would have guessed with the whole 4 posts I have done this year! But you know, life and all that jazz gets in the blooming way now and again doesn’t it! Don’t hate on me. I have plenty of posts ready at my fingertips! Now I am ready to take it away!

As you can see the posts from this year 2018 – You Do You // Youtube Podcast with RBTV // Loner in Love // and the one where I got my feet out Podology are all little me, me, me. I can hear you all, I can. Where are the food posts, show me the foooood. I feel ya, I truly do. I want to show you all the food.

You all know if you are true Tea Bee readers that food really gets my juices flowing. I mean how can it not when this little town is full of glorious foodie places to wine and dine in. I love everything to do with food, from ingredients, to chopping, to cooking and most importantly eating it.

When I work from home doing the boring admin side of running a business I usually cosy up, top to toe in comfies and never want to leave the house.


I get hungry, which is usually ever 48th minute of every day. You want to eat something other than a slice of toast that will get you by till later, you want something tasty and substantial, something that will not dwindle the flow of ‘admin day’. There is always issues on days such as these as you can’t really go dine anywhere because you resemble a yeti and its not fair to put that on the general public so a tasty take-away lunch is always a go to. Somewhere I can order, preferably by telephone and run in, grab and snaffle in the comfort of my own home.

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Lunch can often be missed when running around like the busy Tea Bee I am so when I heard that Chilli Cake do their whollleeeeee menu to take away I was well, elated. I thought it would be rude not to stop by, say hi and grab a few menu offerings to take away.

Parched as always I was the first to order the best flipping non-alcoholic drink in the land. Yup, I was on the cocktails as designated driver lady, numbers and accounts don’t bode well with booze. These delish raspberry cocktails topped with mint and gold, yes your heard right, gold raspberries were a instgammers dream.

I have been living the part-time vegetarian life recently without really realising it. There is something so tasty about veggie options at the moment as I think places really push the boat out now to raise the bar and I am often swayed to the non meat section of a menu.

Soo0000, lets get down to business, the Veggie Burger was ordered and tucked into extremely fast.

Sided with a portion of sweet potato fries, slaw and salad I honestly struggled to finish it all.

I am a fish finger fan, I mean, who isn’t! A fish finger is underrated in my eyes plus I hadn’t snaffled a fishy breadcrumb finger in a while so the Trawler Man was ordered too.

Three handmade fish fingers with a slab of Doreen’s black pudding and drizzled in truffle oil was total heart eyes. . The bread, I can’t forget the flipping bread, soft, soft ,soft.

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Food // Chilli Cake // Take it away

Word on the grapevine is that they do a mean Sunday Roast too so you better stay posted this girl is a sucker for a roast. Chilli Cake, Chilli Cake, Chilli Cake. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Make sure you stop by if you are in Hartlepool at anytime or make the trip out there as supporting your independents is super important and means more to us little business owners than you think.

On that note. I think I better go whip up a below average lunch of whatever I have left in my fridge which currently consists of tomato puree, mango chutney and lime. Wish me luck…..










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