The last time I rocked up to Sunderland was on a good old Boro Bus where Middlesbrough smashed the Black Cats 2-1. Oi! Oi! Calm it Carli and reel in that inner hooligan. It was a brilliant day and lots of fun for all. I wish it had only stayed that brilliant as the evening rolled in but you can’t have it all.

I always get stuck in this strange mind frame with linking places with some sort of emotional association. It’s totally not ok and can really be a bummer. I tend to avoid places where things don’t seem to go my way as I link certain emotions to certain places which yup, sounds crazy but that’s the best way to explain it over here. It’s pretty crap and I am always too hard on myself and miss out on great opportunities due to this.

I was invited to head up to Sunderland again to try out the American Afternoon Tea at Hilton Garden and I ummed and ahhed for far to long until I thought, what they heck have I got to lose? So off I went in my little red car for an evening of eating with some of my favourite blogger girls.

You could really tell Autumn was in full swing when driving up with the sunsetting in the most beautiful way. I knew then I was in for a treat and pumped Busted right up because they are the ultimate best and pushed my pedal to the floor. Not really Mum! I drove 50mph all the way.

Sunderland is about 30-40 minutes away from Middlesbrough and is a canny little place. They have a great big TK Maxx and a tasty Vegan Cafe that whips up the most tasty delights.

Sat beside Sunderland Football Club is the Hilton Garden Inn. A pretty hotel that gets some rave reviews especially in their restaurant the Karbon Grill.

You all know I love afternoon tea, which you can read about here, here, here and oh, right here. But  American Afternoon Tea is something that I have never had the chance to get my mitts on so this was going to be a utter treat and very exciting. I mean what would be substituted for a good old scone? Would there even be sandwiches? Or would I be chowing down on a Corn Dog?

Let me entertain you friends, this was not a disappointing.

The Pork and Chorizo Sliders went down a storm. With the Chorizo being ground into the patty it made for a real tasty burger with extra oomph and perfect for this brace face to squander one or two.

Buffalo Chicken Wings were tasty as heck with extra hot sauce for those that felt a little it more daring. I did because I like to like on the edge and boy, did it knock my socks off.

Mini Calzones and Cheese & Pickle Bites went down a treat.

All washed down with some tasty Strawberry & Banana Shakes.

Then it was time for my most favourite of favourite courses. Dessert. Key Lime Pie, Mississippi Mud Cake and Pecan Tart really did top this off. I have always wanted to try Key Lime Pie and this was just wonderful. I think I need to find a recipe and bake this beauty up don’t you think?

I am really loving the idea of trying out some more themed afternoon teas this winter. I already have my eye on a Scarletts in my local village of Guisborough, which is next on my ever growing list.

What would be your favourite in the American Afternoon Tea?

Love Carli x

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