I Bought A House I Saw On Facebook

I Bought A House I Saw On Facebook

I Bought A House I Saw On Facebook

I Bought A House I Saw On Facebook

It’s all in the title really. I bought a house that I saw on Facebook. I didn’t even know I wanted to buy a house. In fact, it was the god darn opposite. But here we are 2 months later, paint all over the joint putting my DIY skills to good use.

I love to travel. Far and wide and closer to home. I like to visit places I wouldn’t usually think about visiting so why would I want to buy a house when I have the world to travel (maybe not atm but you get my drift).

It really wasn’t until that long ago that this idea popped into my mind. Talk about doing things outside your comfort zone. My lovely little apartment rent was going up and up every 6 months and there was really no movement on refreshing the carpets and things were slowly breaking that things started to get a bit silly. I had a mortgage advisor meeting in place just before Christmas, and I bottled it. As I said, I was out of my comfort zone and trusting people with my finances never mind my life is something that I don’t deal well with. I pushed it to the back of my mind and hopped on a plane to Amsterdam and give my head a massive shake. It was time to grab my balls.

I am not sure what it was that tipped me into taking a massive stride right out of that comfy zone but I did it. I think having someone look at everything you do, like down to the bare bones of your lifestyle, your finances and your future plans that filled me with panic and I just couldn’t let someone question me on these things. I just wasn’t strong enough to handle any form of rejection.

Fast forward. I only went and let someone in (and he was brilliant), I voiced my concerns and I voiced my plans and things went quite fast from there.

Previous to this I had a little browse online to see what was about. I didn’t know what I could afford or if I would even be accepted for a mortgage. I bookmarked a few places and sort of had my meltdown and after little scroll on Facebook I saw it. I saw the house I was going to buy. Initially, I was looking at apartments or bungalows as a house was always going to be too big for little old me. But there it was. On my phone staring right at me on Facebook as a shared post and I enquired straight away. A friend of a friend was selling up which turned out to be an old-time friend from those teenage years and wham, bam thank you, ma’am, I was in the running to snag the house I had my eyes on. I got a mortgage offer and I went in to make an offer on the house…. and it had already been taken off the market!!  I knew it was too good to be true. I was in too deep by this point so after a few calls I managed to get a look in and gazumped the offer and the rest is history.

I move fast. From having the offer accepted I was looking at around 6 weeks (which is quite quick), to move in and just as the lockdown began I had to be out of my old place and into the new. I have spent hours looking over the listing on Rightmove as I only went to view the house once. I knew when I was there it was perfect for me. I have a yard to hang washing out in and drink beer on my own in isolation. I have the perfect spot for a Christmas Tree and you know what tops it off? It only has a bloody bathtub!

So here I am 1 month into isolation having moved into some bricks I just bought with my own hard-earned pennies.

If you would have told me what I would have been doing in 5 years I would have laughed in your face.


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