‘Do what makes you feel happy’ is something that I have recently been told by someone very important to me. 

‘Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good’ she said.

And so I did!

So, off I trotted to one of my favourite places to indulge in a festive afternoon tea of delights. All Christmas themed of course.

As we arrived at Jesmond Dene House we were met by a life size Nutcracker Soldier who welcomed us into the reception of the hotel. I have visited Jesmond Dene House before which you can take a peek at here and here.

As you enter the beautiful 19th century building which is like something out of Country Living, it was hard not to miss the huge Christmas tree in the foyer. With mistletoe hanging over the doorway there was no excuse not to get into the spirt of Santa.

As we headed to our table straight past the hand made gingerbread house we were welcomed with fantastic staff that catered to our (my) every needs. I needed good lighting as it is winter after all and dwindling light is every happy snappers nightmare. This was no other at all so it was straight into the conservatory which is just beautiful.

The table centrepieces were amazing, full of mistletoe, Gypsophila and some festive sleigh bells. The atmosphere here is second to none with it being the most homeliest of all places I have visited. 

The menu was glanced over knowing that they would not disappoint. Then before you knew it this masterpiece was plonked right in front of us to drool over and get stuck into. 

The sandwich selection was right up my street. Mature Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Marmalade, Roast Ham, Honey Mustard & Watercress, Roast Turkey & Stuffing and a surprising new favourite, Salmon & Dill Creme Fraiche. Let me tell you folks, I am not a Salmon fan but this little beauty was so tasty I may need to sample our little pink friend more often.

 Cut into delicate triangles and fingers, these sandwiches went down a treat with some piping hot brews. 

A classic Phulbari Assam for myself and a wild card choice of Strawberries and Cream for my fellow tea loving friend.

On a scale of 1-10 how excited do you think I get about scones? I can honestly say I am a straight up, no messing, 9/10. Especially when there is more than one doughy delight. There was three little beauties on my stand and I just didn’t know where to start. I opted for cheese so that I wasn’t mixing up my taste buds too much. Soft and fluffy and pretty much down in one. Next. A plain little number that held some Strawberry Jam and butter like a pro. But, just you all wait till what I have in store for you next, Cranberry & Citrus, oh my! The argument of cream first or jam obviously began and ended in a agree to disagree scenario. Always cream first in my eyes.

‘As the sun had done it’s orbit for the day’ or something along those lines. Orbit, smorbit. It was hitting late afternoon anyway and it was getting a little dark outside so it was time to hit some pudding love.

You may need to sit down down for this, are you ready? A Sherry & Cranberry Trifle, Chocolate & Orange Sponge, A Sweet Mince Pie and a Mulled Pear Macaroon which I think finished us off.

Jesmond Dene House absolutely ace at afternoon tea and I could eat it day in, day out.

It was all going on here with guests checking in and out to make the most of their holiday’s this season. There is something about a hotel that makes me feel all serene and calm. I need to hang out in hotels as beautiful as this more often and just watch the world go by with a pot of tea in one hand and a plate full of cake in the other. 

It makes me a better person it really does. All those sandwiches, tea, scones and sugary treats really add to me as a person, not only on the waistline but lightens my mood ever so much.

I wasn’t felling the most festive elf in the workshop last week but after a little trip up here and surrounding myself with plenty of mulled cider and people watching it really kickstarted this pale ass northern girl into purchasing some presents for my nearest and dearest.

After a little snoop at a all the decorations Jesmond Dene had to offer it was time to head back to Teesside and get wrapping some of those gifts I accumulated in the Toon.

Thank you Jesmond Dene Hotel for getting me in the spirit of Christmas with all your wonderful decor and delightful afternoon tea. You can grab yourself a festive afternoon tea for £22.50 too this season and go see all of this for yourself. Make sure you get a good old selfie with the Nutcracker Soldier on your way in as he is an utter dreamboat.

Love Carli x

* I was a lucky guest of Jesmond Dene House for this post but you know how it goes, all options are my own and believe or not I couldn’t manage those mince pies. I took them home of course.

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