Summer fever has well and truly taken over. All I have to do now is sit and wait patiently for the sun to shine and life’s a winner.

Oh, the fun I used to have when the 6 weeks holidays rolled in. Late nights watching scary films on the Sci Fi channel, chatting my life away on msn messenger and grabbing a bag full of supplies and heading out into the woods to camp the night away.

I miss how easy life was back at school. The worries of who was going to smuggle a few sausages from the fridge without their parents noticing and who had the knowledge to put up an actual tent without an adult present was a real toughy. Nothing gets you back to basics than warming up a tin of beans for breakfast with the biggest bed head known to man.

I had never been abroad till I was 14 so camping was my jam. Whether it be a night under the stars in Helmsely or a caravan stay at Blue Dolphin with my mum and nan. There is just something about this type of adventure that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

The UK is full of ultimate hot spots that you can find on your doorstep. We are super lucky over this neck of the woods with plenty going on. You can pop along to Flamingo Land which brings back the memories of when I brought a frog back into the caravan and my mum actually peed herself. You can pack up some festival essentials and totally spend your summer slumming at Leeds Festival like I did, just make sure you don’t pitch your tent on a fizzled out campfire like a friend of mine did. 

This is one thing I don’t do nearly as much as I want to. I have some ultimate memories of packing the car full to the brim of duvets, pillows and a lifetime supply of toilet roll. Bring on those bright lights of Bridlington and prize bingo, camping can really steal this girls heart. Nothing beats waking up to the scent of a burnt bacon sandwich with a quick dash to the communal loo’s that you didn’t dare make a run for in the dark last night.

I currently have a hen party to organise and this would be the perfect outing for me and my gal pals. A night or two under the sky with a WKD Blue in one hand and a bag of Chilli Heatwave Doritos in the other. 

These are my essentials when I am packing up the motor for a mini adventure :

1 / BBQ – Girl gotta eat somehow right? Whack on a few patties, some bacon and get toasting them brioche buns. Just because you are cooking outside does not mean you can’t go the whole hog.

2 / Wipes – Baby wipes, face wipes, hand wipes. I never go away without a packet or 8 of these bad boys. Perfect for a total refresh after setting up and hammering in those tent pegs or even for a pesky toilet trip. You will be the best friend of everyone at the campsite even if you do end up smelling like a babies bum.

3 / Tea -I can’t really go anywhere without a supply of tea bags. Such a northerner.

4 / Camera – I always take a disposable camera with me to capture my memories. I have some right corkers laying round in my photo albums.

5 / Snacks – I am a chocoholic, a biscutioholic, a crispoholic. You can never have too many snacks when camping. I love a good junk food filled weekend away.

6 / Camping Guide – Grab a copy of the Halfords Camping Guide this summer to help you choose a cracking site to try out. Maps, tourist hot spots, cycle routes, event guide and checklists. This little brochure will tell you all you need to know.

It may even help me choose an actual waterproof tent unlike the sad leaking thing that I put up at Leeds fest 2007.

Now pass me that torch and throw over that roll mat I have a party to plan.

Love Carli x

*This is a sponsored post but my love for sleeping under the stars is real and all opinions and views are my very own.

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