What the funk is Trastevere?

To be honest I still don’t know how to pronounce it so hang right there till I give it a good old Google.

Tras – TEH – veh – reh

There we go, we can now all press on.

I did a bit of digging around online before I headed out to Rome last month to see what it had to offer. I stumbled upon a blog called Heart Rome and copy and pasted a million links to fellow travel pal Tea Lady Pennie and we agreed to venture down to Trastevere.

We did not know where this was in relation to our hotel, Hotel La Rovere. What lucky little tea bees we were indeed as Trastevere was a mere 5 minute stroll away. This made for a pair of very happy tea ladies as it was beyond our expectations.

It felt like ‘old’ Rome, with its cobbled streets and grand wooden doorways. The pretty coloured, shutter windowed buildings towered above us as we meandered though the streets. Jeeze Carli, you sound like you am writing a 18th century classic novel. In all honesty I did feel like I was taking a step back in time and it was just the best.

Trastevere is classed as Rome’s favourite neighbourhood and I will not for one second challenge that. A stones throw away from the River Tiber you can follow it down one way on the river boat and walk through the narrow streets back stopping off for a coffee or like us a cocktail or two.

The hustle and bustle is only on the main tourist street through Trastevere with the restaurants booming and cafes full of people chatting and relaxing in the sun. We were told that in peak months of June, July and August that the Italians flee Rome to cooler climates as it gets too hot and humid. We were nice and toasty during the day but by early evening the temperature dipped quite dramatically and on it was with our cardigans and jumpers.

As promised here a few of the places that we stopped off at and would definitely recommend you take a couple of rest breaks in them if you are to visit.

Otello – This was dinner destination No 1. We wanted pizza and we wanted pasta of course and this place looked like it would hit the spot. On the corner of Via della Pelliccia right next to Piazza Sant’Egidio  this place is perfect to people watch. We were seated right next to the window and we could watch the world go by and tend to our carb babies.

Supplizio – Cibo Di Strada – Wowza! This place was the sweetest. It is a teeny tiny space with around 10 seats so you gotta park your behind quick, quick, quick. Specialising in street food and guest ales we had a little pit stop here while wandering Rome’s streets. This is my ultimate hidden gem so make sure track it down and try the rice balls.

Enoteca Trastevere –  Oh, this little delight! Check out this whole post on the beauty here.

We walked and walked looking at pizza after pizza, pasta after pasta. With each one looking more delish than the one before. Fountains and markets dotted around every street corner, and the cutest looking doors you ever did see.

We decided to drop the map and get lost in this fantastic neighbourhood and stumble across some absolute gems. We ventured out to the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum but always ended up back in Trastevere soaking up some Italian delights.


Little pizza places, bars, gelato shops line the streets but do not over do it. Everything is really authentic and that’s what I loved about this area of Rome. I will most certainly be back but may check out some Air BnB’s and stay in one of them shutter windowed apartments over looking the river.

Rome you stole my heart and took my breath away. 

Love Carli x

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* This is a sponsored post but Rome really did steal my heart.


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