Summer Market Fever

Summer Market Fever

Summer Market Fever

Summer Market Fever

It’s summer one minute and then it’s flash bloody down pours the next. If that isn’t global warming then I don’t know what is kids. But it’s summer and I’ve got summer market fever running though my veins.

I am embracing this freak summer heat, I ain’t been slagging it off. Melting slightly, sat in my pants, but not slagging it off. I also believe I’ve got my pale, pale body a tan, or at least my hands. I think it must be all those beach walks and topping it off outside with some thirst quenching pints.

Well, it’s back. My favourite time of the year when markets collide and you run around like a headless chicken trying to fill your canvas bag with all the cheese, wine, chutney and copious amounts of baked goods that you can.

We’ve already been treated this summer with the good old Orange Pip Market, back on monthly. What an absolute treat of a market Orange Pip is, streets full of food, tipple’s, sodas, crafts and live artists from around the country. The programming of acts such as Stay Free, Straw Boss Music and Travis Shaw are just some of my favourites from the guys over at TKASG & Pay for the Piano. They are music heroes of Teesside.

We’ve already had the annual Saltburn Food Festival in which I took utter pleasure eating all the Thai food I can find and stocking up with brownies from Relish. To see my home town absolutely bustling was actually insane. For the little victorian town to be transformed into one of the best places I have been to this summer was high fives all round.

Never fear as there is still plenty of summer markets to be squandered…

Orange Pip Market

Saturday 31st August / Saturday 28th September

Northern Dales Farmers Market

Hartlepool (Aug 10) / Preston Park (Aug 11) / Wynyard Hall (Aug 18) / Stewart Park (Aug 25)

Saltburn Farmers Market

Saturday 14th September


Have you got summer market fever? If I’m missing out on any corkers please give me a nudge.

Peace out. Enjoy life. And eat all the cheese.


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