Summer is well and truly under way here in England. We have rain every other day, the heating at around 19 degrees and knitwear is all the rage. We all have a love/hate relationship with summer. We moan at the slightest bit of sticky weather ( I am currently sat here in my pants), and we look like lobsters if we sit out in the garden for 30 minutes. No matter how many times you get told to wear sun cream, we never do as we think the sun over here is not hot enough and then, wham, wonky tan lines that last forever. I am still rocking a brown dirty smudge like tan, which I disguise as ‘cute’ from May when I tanned my foot. A foot, not feet, one solitary foot. 

We moan about everything in England, come rain, come snow, here come the blooming moans. The UK was born to whinge, unless we are shut up with a cuppa and a biscuit or two. Absolute truth.

So, what do we have to offer this week down at Tea House HQ? A treat is what my friends! Who wants to try a little Summer Tea?

This black infusion is delightful, so delightful in fact that it has been one of the hardest teas to get our mitts on since it went out of stock in 2012. I managed to track it down, hurrah, so let me tell you what this is all about.

What better way to sit back and wish for the sun to shine all day everyday than a pack of Biscuiteers Beside the Seaside Tin*? A box full to the brim of utter sugar delights.

I have seen Biscuiteers online with plenty of bloggers bigging them up and swearing by how delicious they are and I have always wanted to try them. I mean, their stores, hearts eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes! Notting Hill and Battersea are the best places to grab a few photos ops, take in London and finish up munching on a school satchel or a Peter Rabbit.

Biscuiteers really have their batter together, collaborating with the likes of Boden, Mulberry and Burberry, these sugary treats really are the bomb.

Personalised biscuits, super hero biscuits, wedding biscuits, family biscuits even down to dog biscuits. Biscuiteers don’t just stop there as they have my taste buds doing a little spit dance for their cakes, chocolate and a bloggers bae, macaroons.

They really have their marketing down to a tee. A cup of Summer Tea would be the perfect accompaniment don’t you think? Pop along to one of their stores for biscuit making classes, icing classes or munch down on one of their afternoon teas if that is what you fancy. If you are like me and a little too far away you will not be disappointed with a mail order box all to yourself.


“Why send flowers,when you can send biscuits instead” and quite rightly so Biscuiteeers. Fellas, get in line and get me all the boxes sent to me. Thank you please.

Summer tea and this box of yummies go hand in hand. The richest chocolate base with the perfect crunch. You can sit back, relax, and eat a sandcastle if you wish, an ice cream or even a deck chair if you are that hungry. Perfectly themed and made with sooooo much love and attention it was an honour to be able to try these out for myself.

SUMMER TEA // 50G – £4.50 // 100G – £8.00

Why not pop over to their site and go take a peek for yourself? Their illustrations are the cutest too so I shall be making use of my box let me tell you. Now pass me a piping bag I am all inspired!

Have you had the chance to visit a Biscuiteers store? Tell me all!

Love Carli x



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