And then before you know it, it is the start of the week again. Monday to be in fact. Obviously because every week starts with a Monday. I think every week should start with a Sunday. Why? Because you get to smash one of these without batting an eyelid then falling into a food coma for the rest of the day. I thought I would help you out a little this morning, lets all just pretend it’s Sunday and we have one of these delights in front of us.

I am a Yorkshire Pudding fiend. I think it’s because it is basically pancake mixture and we all know how I feel about pancakes now don’t we?!

I have visited The Alchemist in Leeds a few times, one for brunch which you can find here. Then once for a pit stop cocktail. Both of them were mouth wateringly good and proves to be one of my favourite places to swing by when I am visiting Leeds. One of my new favourite cities in the UK by far.

I was in Leeds last month for our annual Bloggers Blog Awards weekend away with Megan and we thought it the would be rude not to finish off our weekend with a roast as per. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire…..

 With so many places recommended to us, we thought we would stick to what we knew best for this flying visit and scran down at one of our favourite spots. We have had a few less than average roasts in the past few weeks which does not sit well with us duck fat roastie loving girls.

Let’s get down and blooming dirty hey?

We kick started Sunday the right way with a cheeky cocktail a Candy Crush for Megan and a Key Lime Pie for me. Bacardi, Carta Blanca, Midori, Koko Kanu (yup, I don’t have a clue either), Apple, Lime, and Vanilla Meringue Foam. Let me tell you guys, they really did taste the part too. 

The mixologists here never fail to impress.

This time as we hit The Alchemist midday and it was ever so busy with the city buzzing. We were seated on my favourite seats, right in the middle so I can people watch my little nosy heart out. The service could not be faulted here with each and every one of the team knowing exactly who needed what and it was an utter delight to sit back, relax and have a chilled Sunday afternoon with my bestest. 

Half a chicken with The Alchemist’s Sunday roast vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding and a red wine sauce was placed in front of me. If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is!

I am a huge fan of gravy, dur, what northerner doesn’t so when we asked for another little pot our wishes were granted. Condiments were offered and I flailed them all over the shop without a care in the world.

I am not a huge fan of stuffing, but, and I mean a big but, these were delightful. I have a stuffing benchmark that no one seems to hit, my Nan’s, but these little stuffing balls went down a treat. Just the right amount of crunch and super tasty. Ohhhh tasty little stuffing balls.

We also managed to shovel down a dessert between us and a Solero cocktail that was recommended to us by our lovely waiter. This thing was like drinking an ACTUAL Solero. Man, you don’t realise how good they taste until you are reminded. Make sure you order this next time you hit Trinity in Leeds, you will not be disappointed.

And that cake. I do not even have any words that can tell you how chocolatey and caramely this slice of heaven was. Let the picture do the talking. I am drooling over here.

This will not be the last time I head to The Alchemist and take a million photos of their offerings. If you want to treat me, feel free. Bring your wallets, and bring a wheelbarrow to get me out of there. Cute hey? 

Have you got any good Sunday Roast recommendations I just need to instantly try out this weekend?

Love Carli x

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* We were happy little guests of The Alchemist and asked to try out their tasty roast. All opinions are 100% my own along with being the biggest gravy guzzler in the land.



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