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Hating choices and being the most indecisive person in the world is not the greatest quality to possess when you’re wanting to book a holiday. I’ve ended up in some beautiful places that I would’ve never chosen straight off the bat if it wasn’t for my holiday rules, so I thought why not share with you how I book a holiday.

You may want to grab a bit of sun, you may fancy a city break, you deffos want to soak in some lovely random countries’ culture, but the main question is, where do you start?

If you’re like me and you actually would go anywhere, the holiday search can be a frustrating one…but if you live by my rules of how I book a holiday you may be in for some surprising treats.

Here we go…

1 – United Kingdom to Everywhere

I’m forever searching ‘to everywhere’ – most definately my default search – even when I’m not looking for a holiday I just live for the everywhere search. If I was hitting a break with no real criteria I would pop this into Skyscanner and pick the first country I haven’t been to and go. I literally love it. Nothing fills me with more excitement than a random jolly.

2 – Delve a little deeper

The flight is booked and you want to delve a little deeper into your destination. I check the airport I’m arriving at to see if there are places of interest I particularly want to spend my time in. I went to Pula in Croatia a few years ago and spent the duration of my trip based at the marina. The airport is approximately 15mins away, bonus. But when I flew to Pisa, I jumped in a car and drove to Florence. I see what tickles my pickle out and about, then think about hiring a car or jumping on a mode of transport, if that seems the better option.

3 – Where to stay

This is always the most exciting part for me. I spend a good week(s) looking and weighing up options of where to stay. Do I want to book a hotel and it’s done and dusted? Do I seek out friends that live in the vicinity and crash? Do I want to rough it a little and take a chance on that traveller lifestyle and see what hostels/campsites are around? The options are endless but only you know where you feel comfatble resting your head.

I love a random search that throws up some crazy places or someone telling you about a real hidden gem. Something a little different like a treehouse in a forest somewhere or a beach hut is always something I would rather take than a straight forward hotel. I do my travel research – taking a peek on some travel blogs from the natives – then go through my options.

4 – Fill me with food

When I said the accommodation part was the most exciting part for me I was obviously lying. It’s the food! It’s allllllways the food. I have a thorough research, resulting in me following a million Insta accounts of where I’d like to eat and drink. I like to try out the traditional delicacies. Croatia being Mis Mas. I am one to try anything, even if it is basically Fanta and wine.

I then work these into a loose plan based on the amount of time I am travelling. I break them down to brekkie, dinner and tea, making sure I have a nice variation of tasty places to visit. From my long foodie list I pick only one to eat at per day, as I want to let the place soak in rather than up and off to the next one.

It’s then time to sit back, relax and get really freaking excited. Once everything is booked, I’m confident I know where I’m going and what I’m doing, I then read about and build on that excitement more and more.

Have you ever done this? I would love to hear your experiences….

I have an exciting holiday planned for the end of August…I’m working on points 2,3 & 4.




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